Lucinda Scala Quinn Embarks on New Career Adventure!

Today, in a statement on Instagram, Lucinda Scala Quinn announced that she has tendered her resignation and will step down as SVP editorial director of food and entertaining at Martha Stewart Living. In the statement, she writes, "I've resigned...to build a family business of my own. My mission, which started with Mad Hungry, is to show the next generation how to embrace the power of home cooking - by providing the goods and services to help people nourish and feed themselves and their families." This is certainly a loss for the MSLO family but I cannot help but feel really happy for Lucinda for pursuing her dreams. Having met her, I can tell you her passion is infectious and I know she will be extremely successful! Congratulations, Lucinda! I look forward to all that is still to come! (Stay tuned for more updates about Lucinda's adventures. And watch for her new book, Mad Hungry Family: The Essential Recipes, which will be published next May.


Anonymous said...

I was relieved to read Ms Scala- Quinn's entire statement** about her resignation. Unfortunately these day with the changes in corporate ownership and magazine cut backs I was concerned there was an underlining story.

**After 15 years of leading the food department for Martha Stewart, one of the most evolutionary thinkers of our time, I've resigned my position as SVP, Executive Editorial Director............. In the meantime, thank you to Martha and the entire Martha Stewart Living family who helped reinforce my passion for food and creating all of these years.

Brian said...

Lucinda Scala Quinn's exit from MSL may be a big loss to the company, but now may be the time for Quinn has what it takes to start her own company. As long as it does not involve public speaking, she could be very successful.

בצק אלים said...

i sure hope they promote sarah carey, she deserves it!
Curious to read this, after having Jennifer Aaronson leave, too. things must not be going too well in the Livingkingdom... i wonder if this has anything to do with the recent media company takeover.