October Living and a Halloween Special Issue!

The October issue of Martha Stewart Living is now on newsstands, as is a new special Halloween issue! The October issue has a wonderful selection of content that is sure to please everyone who loves this favourite autumn month: plenty of fresh Halloween ideas, a look at some bright, modern kitchens, a tour of a historic American garden, cooking with squash and (my favourite!) a close-up look at Martha's personal collection of copper kitchenware, photographed in her Bedford kitchen. The special Halloween issue is certainly very nice to see on stands, since we didn't get one last year. It is more-or-less a collection of previously-published Halloween content from the pages of Martha Stewart Living, but I still like compendiums like these, which tend to re-purpose older material in new and fresh ways. Happy reading!


Dana~HomespunTreasures said...

I was looking on my PBS schedule and I haven't seen any new Martha Bake episodes coming up. Do you think it started on Sept. 5th in certain areas?

Thank You,


Hi Dana,

I think the program begins at different times depending on the region you live in. The first air date for the series was September 5th, but I'm sure there are regions in the country where the program will air later. Just keep checking your local PBS listings or visit PBS.org for more information. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to another fabulous Martha costume on the Halloween magazine. Incredibly, living in downtown Toronto, I find it very hard to find MSL or special editions.


I do too! I think it's been since Meredith took over their operations. The last Everyday Food special issue was almost nowhere to be found. I did end up finding at Indigo near Eglinton.

Anonymous said...

Another month and another excelent magazine edition.
Let's hope that it will continue and will help to rebuild subscription levels


CORRECTION FOR DANA! The show debuts on October 3rd, this weekend!