My Trip To Canada's East Coast

I had promised that I would share some photographs from my recent trip to the east coast of Canada, and here they are! We had a wonderful time on our cruise aboard the Brilliance of the Seas as it toured the various maritime ports of Canada. Our stops included Quebec City, Saguenay in Quebec, Halifax in Nova Scotia, Sydney in Nova Scotia, Corner Brook in Newfoundland, Charlottetown in Prince Edward Island and the French island of Saint Pierre. I hope you enjoy the photos!
The Chateau Frontenac Hotel in Quebec City is bathed in the early morning sunlight. Many of the buildings in the foreground are original to the first settlement of the city by the French in the 1600s.
This is one of the city's original public squares in Quebec City, paved entirely in cobblestone. The buildings are now occupied by restaurants, shops, museums and apartments.
This is "Artisan Alley" - a long alleyway in Quebec City used by local artists and crafters to promote their wares.
Quebec City was founded by Samuel de Champlain of France in 1608 even though the French had occupied the territory since the early 1500s. The word "Kebec" is an Algonquin word meaning "where the river narrows." The city overlooks the Saint Lawrence River just at the base of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.
 This is one of my favourite restaurants in the city: 1640. It serves traditional French food as well as traditional Quebecois dishes.
This is a view of our cruise ship, Royal Caribbean's Brilliance of the Seas. It was such a beautiful ship, inside and out!  
Only several hours from Quebec City is the Saguenay River, which stretches north into the heart of the province of Quebec. The land here is very rugged and beautiful.
 On Cape Brenton Island, in Nova Scotia, there are so many gorgeous vistas of the sea!
We came upon these two Highland cows munching along the roadside. 
One of the curators of a local museum we visited, dazzled visitors with tunes on his fiddle.
 Futher south on the coast of Nova Scotia's mainland is Peggy's Cove - a beautiful and serene fishing town.
Many tourists come here to see this historic lighthouse and experience the quaint Nova Scotia charm.

I loved these colourful chairs sitting on a dock in Peggy's Cove, backed by a large stack of metal lobster traps. 
Lobster is big business in this part of the world and many small businesses sell them fresh from the sea, such as the one above! On the left is an old wooden lobster trap, which many fishermen no longer use because they do not last as long as their steel counterparts and are easily damaged in rough waters.
 In Corner Brook, Newfoundland, these wooden lobster traps were not terribly active.
 A lovely view along the coast of Newfoundland.
 One of the main industries in Newfoundland is fishing. Evidence of this was everywhere!
Many North Americans do not realize that France owns two small islands just several miles off the coast of Newfoundland. They are called Saint Piere and Miquelon. We needed our passports to land on this small island, which was very rugged but very beautiful.
I noticed lots of life on these two Dahlias at the Public Gardens in Halifax, Nova Scotia: two ladybugs, a bumble bee and a monarch butterfly.
I thought this was a very clever way of planting an urn. The sides of this urn at the Public Gardens in Halifax were covered loosely with wire mesh, filled with soil and moss and then planted with various succulents and groundcover plants. The effect was beautiful!
The historic distric of Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island has streets lined with colourful houses.
From the balcony of our room on board on the cruise ship, there were many beautiful views of the sea. I loved the soft grey light on this day and the cold, dark waters below.
Here I am, taking it all in!
 On one of our last days at sea, we were treated to a beautiful sunset.


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Great photos Andrew! Thanks for sharing. x

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Good morning Andrew, It looks like an amazing and beautiful trip. I would love to visit it oneday. Love love the photos. Thank you for sharing with us. Have a wonderful and successful week.

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Stunning photos, Andrew! So glad you had a good trip.


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Hi andrew,I'm glad your back safe and sound,Oh would I love to live in a place like that,it looks like a painting.Your photos are beautiful,thanks for sharing your amazing pictures with us. Have a great day!

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Wow, what beautiful pictures.
And wouldn't that Halifax urn be right at home in the pages of MSL?

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Very nice places you have been with. Lovely indeed!!!

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Dear Andrew,
You are a gifted photographer! Each image is beautiful and artistically composed. Thanks for sharing your holiday.
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Thank you, Loi! And what a nice blog you have: Tone on Tone!

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nice trip... its a wonderful place..

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Wonderful pictures from a region that I hope to visit someday!

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So gorgeous! I just watched a Martha video about yarn cards and hence, found this blog. The whole Quebec article - a-ma-zing photography - has me bent on making a vacay there as soon as possible. You are so artistic! M