A Message From Everyday Food

This is a message from the staff at Everyday Food to all of the magazine's readers and subscribers, posted today on Facebook. I thought I'd post it here for you to read as well:

As some of you may have heard, the December issue will be the last stand-alone print edition of Everyday Food. All EDF subscribers will receive our beautiful, inspiring sister magazine Martha Stewart Living instead. (Oh, and five of those Living issues will come with an Everyday Food supplement—no shortage of fast, fresh meal ideas here in the Martha Stewart test kitchens, that's for sure!)
We're sorry to say goodbye to our magazine subscriptions, but SO excited for what's next. We'll have big news to share here shortly! (Hint: It involves the same great recipes, clever tips, and delicious ideas, but this time online and updated every day.)

In the meantime, keep tuning in to our daily cooking webisodes with Sarah Carey, follow us on Twitter @everydayfood and check out our Pinterest boards. PLUS search for EverydayFood_mag on Instagram for lots of behind-the-scenes shots as we build a new EDF.

Thanks so much for 10 wonderful years of back issues, and stay tuned for news on what's next!


Pru said...

I think its sad that Everyday Food is going and even though I didn't buy it that often - pretty expensive in the UK, the copies I do have were great.

I also was disappointed to see that Martha has taken a pay increase this year. It seems a pity when she already has so much that people lost their jobs and she was rewarded. I think MSLO need to concentrate on what they do best - I've become disappointed with the company again recently - a Martha sitcom may be the final straw!

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