Exploring Martha's Harvest Collection at Macy's

Martha's Harvest Collection at Macy's is currently on promotion, well in advance of U.S. Thanksgiving and just in time for Canada's Thanksgiving celebrations this weekend. The collection is reminiscent of some items from Martha's former catalog, Martha by Mail: from brown transferware to gold-accented serving dishes and table accessories. 
Among the items is a sepia-toned 12-piece dinnerware set featuring fall leaf motifs. The set is porcelain and is also dishwasher and microwave safe. A large turkey-motif platter and serving bowl are also on offer. 

There is a large pumpkin soup tureen with a ladle as well as a turkey-shaped lidded bowl with gilded accents. Napkin rings, salt-and-pepper shakers, trays and small serving dishes complete a festive fall table setting. 

The items are up to 60% off this weekend, so click here to shop online or visit your nearest Macy's store to see the items in person!


Anonymous said...

On topic:
Looks like a very handsome collection , particularly the brown and white transferware .

Off topic:
My guess is that many people have seen Ms Stewart's Saturday blog announcing the start of a new streaming service of her previously recorded, and long missed, Martha Stewart Living TV shows ( approx 750 shows). When I started reading I expected a onetime purchase price for the app, only to read that it is approx. $8.00/month for the service. While I have many times requested to be able to view the old shows, and I do value them, this price point does seem to me to be excessive. I may be the only person who believes this and I do wish Ms Stewart success in this venture, but I personally will have to continue to depend on YouTube for old MSL programming.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with you APM. Personally, I'm ok with paying the $50 a year and i believe new content will be uploaded. The old MSL videos on youtube are not a revenue stream.