Martha's Flowers: Deluxe Edition

For those of you who really loved Martha's latest book on flowers, you might want to consider adding the new deluxe edition to your collection. Or, you can add it to your Christmas list! With a different cover image and larger dimensions (about one inch taller and one inch wider) than the original book, it makes for a more sumptuous read and is sure to become a collector's item. The book is out today and can be ordered on Amazon.


Martha Stewart Living at Dubois Farms

Join the editors of Martha Stewart Living magazine for a day of apple-picking and "Good Things" at Dubois Farms in Highland, New York, this coming Saturday (October 13) as part of the annual Fall Fun Festival. Entrance and parking are free and the event is open to people of all ages. The farm is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. To learn more about the farm and to find directions, visit duboisfarms.com.


The New Martha Stewart TV App

Martha Stewart recently launched a new app featuring full-length episodes of her past television shows, which are available for streaming in high-definition. The app is available for Apple, Android, Amazon Fire +, Roku and Chromecast devices. There are currently 750 full-length episodes and 10 specials available through the app, which can be viewed on devices such as tablets, desktop computers and mobile phones. (You can also easily cast the episodes from your device to your television). Click here to subscribe!
Included are all 11 seasons of Martha's first television show "Martha Stewart Living" as well as episodes of "The Martha Stewart Show", with more episodes being added all the time. There is currently a free 14-day trial when you subscribe. The cost for the service is $7.99 per month or $95.50 per year. Subscribers will also receive exclusive content (hints and tips from the Martha Stewart team of experts) and alerts when new seasonal content has been added.
This is how the app appears on an iPhone. (Prices and terms are for Canadian subscribers).

I know some of you would have preferred a DVD or Blu Ray collection featuring all the full-length episodes to keep for posterity - and I must admit I'm one of those people - but Martha must protect her valuable media content, and I understand that. The years she and her producers invested in making these episodes is worth the cost, in my opinion. I have no problem paying to enjoy a program I truly love to watch, knowing I'm supporting the company that produced it. I hope many of you feel the same way.


Exploring Martha's Harvest Collection at Macy's

Martha's Harvest Collection at Macy's is currently on promotion, well in advance of U.S. Thanksgiving and just in time for Canada's Thanksgiving celebrations this weekend. The collection is reminiscent of some items from Martha's former catalog, Martha by Mail: from brown transferware to gold-accented serving dishes and table accessories. 
Among the items is a sepia-toned 12-piece dinnerware set featuring fall leaf motifs. The set is porcelain and is also dishwasher and microwave safe. A large turkey-motif platter and serving bowl are also on offer. 

There is a large pumpkin soup tureen with a ladle as well as a turkey-shaped lidded bowl with gilded accents. Napkin rings, salt-and-pepper shakers, trays and small serving dishes complete a festive fall table setting. 

The items are up to 60% off this weekend, so click here to shop online or visit your nearest Macy's store to see the items in person!


Martha's New "Everything Pressure Cooker" Available November 7

"Martha Stewart's Pressure Cooker" book has been out for a few weeks now and those who enjoy cooking using this method will likely find the book to be a beautiful (and useful) addition to your cookbook library. Most of the recipes require using the appliance itself while others do not: recipes that complement the main courses. On November 7th, you'll also be able to purchase Martha's first ever cooking appliance! The Martha Stewart Everything Pressure Cooker will be available via Amazon and QVC. This 8-quart appliance is hard working with 14 programmable settings that cooks your food up to 70% faster. You can slow cook, saute, and steam; make yogurt and cereal; keep food warm, and so much more. Also included is are a cooking rack, serving spoon, rice measuring cup and a selection of Martha-approved recipes. If you don't have a pressure cooker yet, Martha's might be a good one to start with!


Martha's Halloween Products on Amazon

Martha has always loved Halloween. Every year she goes all out in decorating her home, inside and out, to celebrate the festivity. The editors and designers at Martha Stewart Living are also passionate about Halloween and have designed an inspired collection of decorations and paper crafts for Amazon.com to help you celebrate!
The Martha Stewart Store on Amazon recently launched its Halloween products, which are available in three different categories: paper crafts, clings and silhouettes and d├ęcor. Click here to visit the store.
Package your Halloween goodies in special paper treat boxes, which you can seal with Halloween-motif washi tape. Include an ominous note written on eerie stationery. Wine labels and stickers are also available.
Under siege: giant moths, wicked bats and creepy spiders can fill your rooms to evoke the most sinister atmosphere. Wall clings, decals and window silhouettes come in a variety of styles and sizes.
Festoon your mantel or buffet table with a variety of scary decorations, from paper bunting to backlit luminaries. There's even a giant paper chandelier with a Gothic bat motif.


The October Issue

On this, the official last day of summer, I thought it was time to blog about the October issue, which has been on newsstands for over a week now. When I first saw the cover I was really enchanted: I love how it is styled and how elegant those jack-o-lanterns look with a carved fox and hare: probably the best cover yet this year!
Inside the issue, the delight continues. The Good Things section is devoted entirely to Halloween, with tips and ideas for costumes, treats and spirited decorating. Martha shows us how she uses the abundance of apples on her farm to make apple cider. (Speaking of apples, the apple sundae recipe on page 90 is a must-try). There is a very interesting feature about how pumpkins are auctioned off each year at a big pumpkin bazaar in Pennsylvania to retailers who sell them at their stores. A decorating feature about achieving a modern-vintage look at home feels fresh in an October issue and a food spread all about peppers yielded some yummy-looking delights. There's the pumpkin-decorating feature alluded to on the cover and a great feature on making doughnuts at home. The issue flows really nicely and it's one I've referenced a few times since I've had it. It's on newsstands now and very much worth a read.