Easter Photo Review

As promised, I've highlighted many of the Easter photographs submitted by Martha Moments readers this weekend. As you can see, below, many of them followed Martha's example of celebrating and entertaining in style, often taking a simple idea and elevating it to new heights of whimsy. I hope you enjoy these Easter photos and I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday weekend!

Anthony Picozzi, in Massachusetts , hosted his family for Easter. He used a robin's-egg blue linen tablecloth to set the theme.
I love the restricted colour palette Anthony used: the faded blue is almost a chambray and the pale green plates are nicely offset with the eyelet of the milky dessert plates. Silver napkin holders hold napkins with pussy-willow and birds nest imagery. Two topiaries and a beautiful tureen create a simple, elegant centerpiece.

On the bay window seat, Anthony created a beautiful moss arrangement filled with ferns, live mushrooms, false butterflies, birds' eggs and taxidermy ducklings. On either side of the arrangement, Anthony made two twig 'trees' where he nested several bird ornaments, inspired by the cover of the April, 2000, issue of Martha Stewart Living. On the chandelier, he continued the motif by arranging butterflies around its crystals.
Here are some of the details on his moss arrangement. So pretty!
As his main course, Anthony served a gorgeous leg of lamb.
For dessert, it was homemade carrot cake, served on a Martha Stewart Collection cake stand.
Jeffrey Reed baked Martha's Easter cheesecake for his dessert. It's a simple but delicious recipe. You can watch Martha making it by clicking here.
Sharon Taves celebrated Easter with her sister. This is the cake her sister baked!
Melissa Smith Knerr made a three-dimensional rabbit cake for her Easter dessert this year.
Jase Kingsland made these scrumptious-looking chocolate cookies filled to brimming with Cadbury mini-eggs.
Twine-wrapped eggs in a bird's nest from the home of Allan in Scotland.
Allan also made delicious-looking fudge for his Easter celebration.
Cory Birchard Weissman made Easter cookies with his husband this year.
The end result, all decorated, looks festive and delicious!
Antonio Valente, in Toronto, always organizes an outdoor Easter egg hunt for the kids at his Easter gathering. The games begin at a table decorated with hyacinths and an arrangement of twigs decorated with glittered eggs.
Rox-Ann Henderson, in Ontario, Canada, dressed in a Lily Pulitzer dress for her Easter celebration last year. She used the colours of the dress to inspire the colours on her table.
JoAnn Gilbert set a pretty table at her home this year.
Tihanyi Agnes in England kept her table simple but bright.
Matt Lara in California was inspired by the images of Kevin Sharkey's Easter baskets that were showcased here in a previous post. He decided to make his own basket this year and how pretty it is!
Matt also made this vegetable tian from Martha Stewart's Quick Cook.
Bernie Wong loves Easter - especially eggs! He has quite a collection of blown-out eggs, ceramic eggs, marble eggs and alabaster eggs. He places bowls and trays of his favourites around the house at Easter for display. His collection of antique eggcups is also quite impressive!
Egg-shaped cookies at tea time, from the home of David Pantoja in Pennsylvania.
Jeremy Lambertson used his collection of ceramic bunnies and decorated eggs to create holiday vignettes around his home.
He made colourful egg-shaped cookies - one for each of his guests - and created a large Easter basket for his godson, filled with his favourite treats.
A rabbit-shaped cake for dessert at Jeremy's house!
And a coconut layer cake to boot!
Easter is one of my mother's favourite holidays. This cast-iron bunny was on her stoop when we arrived, holding a collection of hand-painted eggs. The Easter table was simply set in silver and white with my great grandmother's antique table cloth and an arrangement of fuzzy eggs in my grandmother's crystal fruit bowl. Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

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