Special Deliveries: Martha's Planters

QVC viewers (and Martha fans) from all over the United States have begun to receive their orders of Martha's faux-bois planters. By all accounts, the quality of these planters is excellent and everyone I've heard from has been exceptionally happy with the product. Below are some of the faux-bois planters received by Martha Moments readers.
Dennis Landon ordered an enormous amount of the faux-bois planters! He intends on giving his delivery man a very big tip next time he sees him!
Dennis was very happy with the quality of the planter and he can't wait to start planting it for spring.
Collin Patrick Eastland also loves his planter. He plans to use his indoors and has filled it with birds-nest ferns.
Jeremy Lambertson is happy with his 14-inch faux-bois planter: the first of a series to arrive.
The rest of his order arrived shortly after!
Anthony Picozzi returned home to find his planters waiting for him.
Once unboxed, Anthony was very pleased with his haul!
Julio Torrado, too, invested in several pots, including the faux-wicker variety.


Anonymous said...

Anyone thinking Martha Stewart Flowers will be back with QVC? Noticing lots of previous products that were discontinued are coming back!

So excited for the future for Martha Stewart and QVC


It does seem to be a really fruitful partnership. What's nice about it is that they can keep producing new products in a limited edition and then bring them back again if their popularity exceeds expectations. Interesting about the flowers... She has meal delivery, so it's not a stretch! We'll see!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you two but seems the quality at QVC is lacking. Poor quality control, bad shipping, and a couple of products do not have the best design.