Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to take the opportunity to wish everyone in the United States a very Happy Thanksgiving! I also want to say thank you to all the readers who make doing this blog such a great pleasure for me. You really do inspire me everyday with your creativity and talent. Our shared love of all things Martha is what unites us and I'm always amazed by how one connection can often lead to many others, how a love for one subject can lead to a love of many. I have made many friends through this blog and have had the very good fortune of meeting Martha and many members of her team. Thankful really doesn't begin to express how I feel. Please enjoy your long weekend and all of the bounty we are so fortunate to enjoy in this part of the world. I will leave you with two photographs of Martha's home, taken yesterday, that depict her Thanksgiving table in the Brown Room at Bedford and her servery, just off the main kitchen. Beautiful! Inspiring! Martha!
For her table centerpiece this year, Martha used dried wild corn, grown on her farm, stretching the entire length of the table. (She is having 41 people over for dinner! This table is one of four!)

In the servery, Martha set up a dessert buffet. She used her plaster-cast turkeys and gourds and pumpkins from her garden as decoration. The pies look gorgeous! Photos by Kevin Sharkey.

Yesterday and the day before, Martha invited viewers into her home as she prepared her turkeys and pies for Thanksgiving. You can still watch these informative and inspiring videos, if you missed the live feed:
Click here for "Talking Turkey" 
Click here for "A Chat on Pies"

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