Readers Share Their Thanksgiving Photos!

Martha Moments readers know how to do Thanksgiving! I'm proud of the fact that many of the people who read this blog are very talented and love to share their ideas. Inspired so much by Martha's cooking and design aesthetic, as well as her devotion to celebrating and entertaining, they make the holidays extra special by adding their own personal touches to their creations. Below are some Thanksgiving photos by Martha Moments readers that I wanted to share on the blog. They really are beautiful and they certainly inspire me! I hope they inspire you too!
Anthony Picozzi's turkey could have been (should have been?) featured in the pages of Martha Stewart Living magazine.
His turkey-shaped cornbread loaves and his assortment of pies and cupcakes (below) are equally gorgeous.
I see a few Martha Stewart cake stands in this photo!
After he set the table, Anthony took some time out to enjoy a mimosa. Looks good!
One of the beautiful side dishes served by Jennifer Doherty in Michigan was this mixture of roasted carrots and parsnips with marjoram and lemon. I love how colourful it looks!
Jeffrey Reed's centerpiece of chrysanthemums arranged in a beautiful antique urn looks rustic and beautiful.
It looks like Jason Tyler had a lot of people over for dinner! I love his gorgeous centerpiece extending the entire length of the table.
Mark Waldron's centerpiece is a gorgeous assortment of treasures. I love how it looks.
Paul Collins set an adorable table for three for his charming Thanksgiving.
And the food on his plate looks mouthwatering!
Jeremy Lambertson made a delicious-looking pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert! Yum!
Bernie Wong used the new Martha Stewart Collection Jadeite-Green Glass cake stand from Macy's to display his persimmon cupcakes with maple frosting.
Alirio Pirela's pies look gorgeously rustic and so very delicious!


Anthony said...

Everyone did a fantastic job! Thanks for including us in the blog, Andrew!

srsaeaa@gmail.com said...

What a lovely post, Andrew!

Anonymous said...

What an assortment. I myself de-bone-d a 16lb turkey for a roulade. This was after watching several confidence building you tube videos. No discussion as to who will carve the turkey-- you may get some white and dark meat in your roulade slice and it will all be delicious as it comes with stuffing too. Old bay and Jamacian Jerk seasoning adds to a roasted turkey roulade. Okay I had no gravy but a bit of sour cream was enough creaminess for me. Cheers.

chris said...

Absolutely love the new jadeite cake stand. I have many pieces, but this one is fabulous...just don't think I can spend quite that much on it.

Anonymous said...

@Chris - Macy's has the cake stand on sale today for Cyber Monday $42.