Martha's Interview in Splash

In a new interview with Splash magazine - a supplement to the Chicago Sun-Times - Martha reveals some of her time-tested tips on how to entertain for the holidays. With her new book, Appetizers, selling like bite-size hotcakes she acknowledges that entertaining has changed drastically since she released her first book on entertaining in 1982. "There’s a new casualness in people getting together,” she says. She adds that Appetizers is the perfect source for easy entertaining: “[The recipes] are pretty easy to make. You can use pre-made puff pastry if you like, and there are a lot of things you can do ahead. There are a lot of good hints for the busy, busy 2015/2016 entertaining maven.”

Martha took some time to sit down with Elle Eichinger to answer some questions the modern hostess may have about some holiday entertaining conundrums, like what to do if an invited guests brings an uninvited companion, or how to accommodate rambunctious children at a busy party. Click here to read her answers! Below are two of several photographs that appear in the story by photographer Maria Ponce. Martha looks wonderful, photographed at the Willis Tower.
Photographs by Maria Ponce for Splash


Chris said...

These are two classy pictures - just beautiful!


Chris, it's hard to believe she is 74, isn't it?

Catherine from Connecticut said...

She does, indeed, look amazing!

Angela L. said...

So glad to find your blog! Nothing makes me think of Martha more than the holidays! An inspiration and a great lady.