Martha Plans to Open NYC Coffee Shop!

Martha Stewart fans are all abuzz about a new coffee shop that Martha and her team plan to open in New York City. According to a Bloomberg report in Advertising Age and at least one representative from Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, the new coffee shop will be located at the Starrett Lehigh building in Manhattan, where the MSLO headquarters are located. Martha hinted at this new venture in an interview she gave with Closer magazine earlier this year. No word yet on when the café will be opening or whether any of the tasty treats on offer will be based on Martha Stewart recipes, but I know I speak for many, many fans when I say that this is extremely exciting news!


Good Things by David said...


I can't wait for this!!! If what I just heard about Martha wanting to use her jadeite collection (rumor!) for such an establishment, the place is going to be packed!

Let's go!



David, I am so excited about this prospect as well! We will have to meet there!

Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew,
Amazing news for this evening, very happy and excited. I hope will have franchise around the world. I would love to open in Kuwait.
Best wishes xx

Unknown said...

This idea is long overdue. I will have to visit NYC just to sip java at MSL Cafe.

Co.Co. said...

I'm waiting to be able to order online!!!!!!