Some Vintage Finds

At a flea market last year, I found several original examples of vintage Christmas cards in pristine condition. Based on their designs, I would say they are from the 1960s. I had actually forgotten about them until I sorted through my "Christmas box" (a wooden storage box I keep at the back of my closet just for Christmas stationery, ribbon, stickers, stamps, etc.) to start writing some Christmas cards to family. I was so dazzled by the saturated colours and the childlike nostalgia of the designs that I took a snapshot of two of them, paired with some plastic peppermint tie-ons and woodland letterpress gift tags that also emerged from the box. There is a visual theme here that may guide my giftwrapping plans this year. It makes me happy!


Anonymous said...

It makes no difference , as the cards are great, but my guess is the 1950 as the 60's colors were sometimes not as "Christmasish" ( maybe a new word).
My problem with sending out vintage cards is so few people appreciate or keep cards any longer and it seems ashame they lasted so long only to be tosed out !


I definitely agree with you. I only send cards like these to the people I know treasure such classics. :-)

Rowaida said...

Wow Andrew, these cards are beautiful and to me a good treasure.
Happy holidays xx