Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to extend warm holiday wishes to all of the American readers of this blog who are celebrating Thanksgiving today. You have inspired me, informed me and supplied me with the grist for this Martha Moments mill! I do the blog for you as much as I do it for myself and I thank you for keeping me going. Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for sharing and allowing me to (hopefully) inform and inspire you in turn. Happy Thanksgiving USA! (And to everyone who may be celebrating today around the world.) Cheers to many more Martha Moments!


celkalee said...

Just wanted to say thank you for a lovely blog that inspires my creativity. Thank you also for the warm Thanksgiving wishes. Many of us don't have a lot of time to do everything the "Martha way" but we can appreciate the lifestyle through her books, magazines and blogs like yours. Looking forward to your Christmas posts.


Thank you so much! :-)

Rowaida said...

Thank you Andrew for being an amazing and inspiring person and a friend.
I am very grateful and blessed for my family and my liife.
Wishing you a great weekend xx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for you good wishes. Re your beautiful and informative blog it is much appreciated as is you allowing an interchange of comments/ideas re MSL.
Have a good weekend