The January/February Issue

Who doesn't love a fresh start? I am one of those few people who really enjoys this time of year: the post-holiday quiet time when there's a chance to reflect and also put things back in order. My late friend Kenn always used to call this phase his "winter white" phase when he would fill the house with blooming paperwhites and get busy with organizing chores. He adored that clean, pared-back feeling in the house when all the decorations were put away, when a clean slate awaited the year ahead.
The January/February issue of Martha Stewart Living is a lovely little guide to help you though these chilly grey days. Without feeling predictable, it delivers everything we're craving, from handmade Valentine's Day cards and crafts to the most delicious-looking beef stew recipe. There's a very fun article on modern mending that would probably drive your grandmother crazy with its praise of contrasting stitchery in vibrant colours and patterns to repair damaged clothing. But it feels fresh to me!

For the winter escapists, there is a trip to a sunny Florida home and a very beautiful article about its decoration. Martha takes us through four of her most personal gardens (Turkey Hill, Lily Pond, Bedford and Skylands) and outlines her vision for each landscape as well as what it taught her about the arts of landscaping and gardening.

The last page in the issues throughout the year will be devoted to "Remembering" - just like old times - with reflections from Martha and others about life and living and learning.

It's on newsstands now so do pick up a copy!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if MS sends valentines to the friends she has featured in MSL over the years. I wonder if she stays in contact with that Ina Garten woman. Just watched Ina zest an orange and she failed to catch the zestings on the upside down micro plane sheesh!
I do like her show though, she obviously is succesfull living in the Hamptons and all... I used to read the East hampton Star every Thurs it is a weekly-- what an EYE opener. It is fun to read the news in maine and the Hamptons if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Just like the old times... remember the "brouhaha" over the lack of an index for MSL magazines? I mean for example as I look at No. 25 from December 1994 January 1995 Her calendar included Today show appearances. Hmm Has MS weighed in on the former host ML and his behavior?? What to have for dinner recipe cards, television program guide and the cover photo of the Man on the moon silver dragee' covered sugar cookie ornament. The magazine covers were very simple but effective and the projects were over the top don't you agree. What was your favorite and which did you actually finish?? well I was inspired to french polish furniture , re cane a chair seat, paint my Grange chairs green, make oversized popcorn ball treats, and cultivate a Myrtle topiary.