The April Issue

The April issue is appearing on newsstands and arriving in subscriber mailboxes and I must say I really love the cover! It is a bit reminiscent of the April, 2013, cover but it is nonetheless a very attractive looking photograph. Inside there is the promise of Easter ideas (crafts, cooking, entertaining) as well as a clutter-clearing strategy just in time for spring cleaning. I've always enjoyed the spring issues for their approach to homekeeping; that fling-open-the-windows-and-start-decluttering approach. I haven't seen the issue yet, myself, but I'm looking forward to receiving it soon. (Note: the newsstand cover features a solid blue background vs. the patterned background shown on the cover below, which is the subscriber version.)


Anonymous said...

My issues use to arrive well before they it hit news stands. Now my issues always come a few weeks after. Is this because of the new publishing contract or just a fluke?


I believe it is because of the change in publisher. And you're definitely not alone. Mine only came on Monday, about two weeks after I first saw it on the newsstand. Seems odd that subscribers don't get it in advance the way they used to under MSLO.