Happy 73rd Birthday, Martha!

There are people in our lives who change us, who make us better, teach us, strengthen us and lead by example. For me, Martha Stewart is one such person. I have been fortunate enough to have met this iconic figure on several occasions and have told her, in person, that her work has been an enormous source of inspiration to me. For that, I feel truly blessed. This blog has been around for eight years and even now I find myself consistently interested in archiving and charting the developments of Martha's work and the incredible company she founded. Every issue of her magazine, every book, every episode of every television show - they all impart a profound wealth of information and knowledge that I cannot take for granted. I consider Martha to be one of my greatest teachers. I also consider her to be a friend and, perhaps, on some small level, she thinks of me as a friend too. I hope she is having a marvelous time with her grandchildren and the people she most loves - maybe at Skylands or maybe in some far-flung destination. Where ever she is, I know she is learning something. I know she is teaching something. Happy Birthday, Martha!


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with your comments of Ms. Stewart's contributions . I specifically appreciate her for the beauty and taste she has offered. I realize it is not a feeling shared by all. I believe for some it may be jealously, for some a misunderstanding that the exacting nature of what she offers is not directed toward one gender ; but an attempt, in a ever more negative/unattractive world, that there is comfort in beauty.
Happy Birthday and many more!

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Regine said...

Well said!
I appreciate your blog very much.

Anonymous said...

Sad news of Laura Plimpton's death. Martha has had the ability to gather many people around her, showing the world her life and times of teaching us LIVING.

Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew,
You have really been fortunate to meet Martha. It is a dream of mine to meet her one day.
Thank you for always updating us with her fabulous and inspiring work.
Happy 73rd birthday to beautiful person, wishing her a wonderful and successful year in all aspects.
Best wishes xx

Michael said...

The photo that accompanies this post is one of my favorite recent photos of Martha. Good pick for this post!