The March Issue

The March issue of Martha Stewart Living is making its way to subscribers and I think readers are really going to enjoy seeing this explosion of sweet colour in the midst of February's bleakness! The magazine promises that you will be able to make these gorgeous macarons at home for the bargain-basement price of 18 cents each! (Quite a bargain, indeed, considering macarons are usually among the most expensive confections one can buy at a bakery.) The cover also promises speedy weeknight dinners, including homemade pizza, plus 34 ways to brighten up your home and garden and six steps to an organized closet. This is the magazine's Spring Color Issue (one look at the cover drives that point home) a designation that was usually reserved for the May issue. Traditionally, the March magazine was the Special Gardening Issue but it has not been marked as such since 2011. I'm happy to see at least some gardening content, however, and am glad for any issue that heralds such a colourful introduction to spring! Thanks to Janet for the scan!


Rowaida said...

Beautiful and very colorful cover. I can't wait to download this issue.

I love macarons and enjoy baking them at home


Kristina said...

I just got mine! Have not looked at it all yet but the description of the Elmo party is unintentionally funny. Since when is Elmo "nontraditional"? You can totally see the dynamic between Alexis and Martha playing out. Wish Alexis would have a section of the magazine every month!


That's a brilliant idea, Kristina. I think a lot of readers would enjoy that.

Janet said...

You are the sweetest to mention my scan, Andrew; however, please believe me when I say that it was my pleasure to share it with you.

You're so right... This is a fantastic issue and I agree with Kristina - I soooo wish Alexis would contribute more and on a more regular basis too!


Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew , I downloaded the issue yesterday and love it. The cover is amazing g and very colorful. Elmo's birthday party theme is amazing, I can imagine Jude and Truman happy to see Elmo, my kids use to adore him. I love the Elmo gelatin, Alexis made using organic ingredients, she is amazing. I would love to see her work in the magazine.

David said...

The cover looks great! Really eye-catching and cheerful! I am also interested to see what gardening content there is. Martha's gardens really inspire me! I can't wait to get my copy. :)

Anonymous said...

What about the Everyday Food supplement? Is that no longer being produced?


@David: Thank you for the comment and I enjoy your blog a lot. Very interesting!

@Anonymous: The March issue was supposed to have an Everyday Food supplement but it does not. No official word yet on whether or not they have cancelled it completely or scaled it back even further.

Anonymous said...

Alexis is so talented but dynamic often escapes me.
Martha seems to be wonderful Mother and grandmother.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the question about the Everyday Food supplement, I wrote MSLO about it and received the following in response. In short, it's been discontinued. :(


Thank you for contacting Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

We appreciate your interest in Everyday Food.

There were five supplements in 2013: March, May, July, October, and

We regret that the five-times-per-year Everyday Food supplement included
with Martha Stewart Living subscriber copies has been discontinued. The
last supplement was December 2013. But Everyday Food will continue to
provide easy, delicious, budget-friendly recipes—every day. We hope
you’ll keep cooking with us. Here’s how:

—Watch editor-in-chief Sarah Carey’s daily online video recipes at
—Visit our blog at www.everydayfood.com for dozens of new ideas, tips,
and recipes.
—Find more inspiring recipes on our Everyday Food app for iPhone as well
as on our Windows 8 app, which also features video content.
—Keep in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter. We’d love to hear more
from you!

The remainder of your subscription to Everyday Food was transferred to
Martha Stewart Living. For questions about your subscription account,
please call toll-free 1-800-999-6518.

Thank you once again for your support of Everyday Food.


MSLO Customer Relations