Martha's 'Love Notes'

The great designers at Martha Stewart Crafts have come up with a collection of stationery, stickers, stamps, tags and labels that will make writing your love notes a breeze this Valentine's Day. The collection is called 'Love Notes' and the products under its label are all designed to coordinate with one another. Based loosely around an 'Air Mail' theme, the collection includes card and envelope sets, postage-stamp size stickers, stamp and ink sets, address labels and gift tags. All you need now is some heartfelt passion, a pretty pen and a love poem! You can see the collection at Michael's stores across the U.S. and Canada or order the items here at MarthaStewartCrafts.com. Below are some samples from the line.
 Love Notes Paper Airplane card set includes 18 cards and envelopes, a template and folding instructions.
 Love Notes Postage Stamp Stickers are not actual postage stamps, but can be added to your Valentine's envelopes for decoration.
 Love Notes Mailbox Card Set includes 18 postcards and envelopes, labels and stamp stickers.
The Love Notes Stamp Set includes 13 stamps in assorted sizes with various Valentine's Day images and three ink pads in dusk blue, dark red and deep pink. The stamps come in a convenient wooden box for storage.

 The Love Notes Airmail Label Stickers can be used on envelopes or on gifts. There are three sheets in the set with 15 labels in total.
The Love Notes Airmail Gift Tags set comes with eight gift tags in four different styles. Add to gifts, cards, decorations or any token of love!


Anonymous said...

Great ideas, but TOO LATE!! My Valentines are already in the mail. . . . (Buy them now and save them for next year??)


Yes, or buy them now and give them to the people you see and love every day: no postage stamp required!

Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew,
Love, love, love them all
Happy Valentine's day and a happy weekend