No More Everyday Food Supplements

A lot of us have been wondering what happened to the supplemental issues of Everyday Food we were getting as part of our subscription to Martha Stewart Living. It seems the answer is that the supplements have been discontinued. A Martha Moments reader recently contacted me to share a letter he received from the customer relations department at Martha Stewart Living regarding the status of the Everyday Food supplements. In short, the letter says they have been cancelled. I imagine this was a cost-cutting measure. However, all is not lost! The Everyday Food brand will continue with online content and video hosted by food editor Sarah Carey. Below is the letter in full with tips on how to keep in touch with the Everyday Food team.


Thank you for contacting Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

We appreciate your interest in Everyday Food.

There were five supplements in 2013: March, May, July, October, and

We regret that the five-times-per-year Everyday Food supplement included
with Martha Stewart Living subscriber copies has been discontinued. The
last supplement was December 2013. But Everyday Food will continue to
provide easy, delicious, budget-friendly recipes—every day. We hope
you’ll keep cooking with us. Here’s how:

—Watch editor-in-chief Sarah Carey’s daily online video recipes at
—Visit our blog at www.everydayfood.com for dozens of new ideas, tips,
and recipes.
—Find more inspiring recipes on our Everyday Food app for iPhone as well
as on our Windows 8 app, which also features video content.
—Keep in touch with us on Facebook and Twitter. We’d love to hear more
from you!

The remainder of your subscription to Everyday Food was transferred to
Martha Stewart Living. For questions about your subscription account,
please call toll-free 1-800-999-6518.

Thank you once again for your support of Everyday Food.


MSLO Customer Relations


Catherine From Connecticut said...

I loved the Everyday Food magazine and am disappointed that they now are going to discontinue the EF supplements. Interesting that that the letter directs you to the Everyday Food blog as it has not been updated since December 12, 2012. I do enjoy Sarah Carey's daily videos.

Anonymous said...

Thing seem to be falling apart at MSlO.....it is very sad .
Even details such as updating blogs.
I hope it somehow can be turned around as I believe the company and Ms Stewart has so much still to offer.

Anonymous said...

I have been an admirer of Ms Stewart for years.
Sadly MSLO seems to be slowly failing , simple things like unattended blogs to a lack luster magazine are part of the problem.
I believe although there has reportedly been poor relations with the Food Network a return of the re packaged old MS Living show would be a perfect fit and would keep the brand in the lime light!

Anonymous said...

Such A shame as I thoroughly enjoyed my EF magazine, but I guessed this would happen. I agree with previous comment, about MSLO slowly failing, even with The magazine- I find it lacks a clear direction and much prefer the older magazine, books, show etc.

maya said...

so sad. EDF was the best of the bunch, in my view...

Anonymous said...

Not to belabor the issue , but if MSLO would review the detail and beauty of the earlier magazine issues they would see the vast difference.
Please also, as long as Vouge isn't doing crafts .....eliminate the cosmetic/ beauty section and add additional collecting and the field trips


Anonymous, as a male reader I fully agree with your point about the beauty section of the magazine. However, I think demographically quite a few of MSLO's female readers enjoy that section. Plus it's built-in advertising for the magazine with all that product placement. But, yes, it's a bore to read and I always just skip right past it.

Catherine from Connecticut said...

Andrew, I love trying and wearing all types of beauty products. However, I don't look to Martha Stewart for tips on beauty and I too skip that section. The section isn't even visually appealing. For beauty products, I look to In Style, Vogue, Lucky, Self, etc. for health and beauty. I understand the advertising aspect but that isn't even Martha Stewart's market or brand. To me, it cheapens her brand.

Anonymous said...

And in a way, a WHOLE LOT of MSL these days is about product placement of one kind or another. . . .

Anonymous said...

I worry for Sarah Carey. And as an aisde, I worry for Kevin Sharkey. I heard him complain on the Sirius XM radio show that he's being moved out of his office and I wondered if that was a cost cutting move by the new CEO.

But back to EF, Sarah's videos are probably my favorite thing that MSLO is putting out. She has a personality and I wish that MSLO had nurtured other talent into brands of their own under the MS label. I see that female hispanic contestant from the MS Apprentice on cookbooks and think couldn't MSLO have used her to expand into the US hispanic market and beyond.

I know they have Emeril, but I am no fan.

Anonymous said...

I do not pretend to be a publishing expert , but the various department "specialists" which became too expensive and were laid off must have been the catalyst for the detailed beautiful magazine essays and photographs.
I would also mention, small creative details, such as appropriate Holiday and weekend photos on blogs would signal the beauty that MSLO should ( and did) stand for.

Susan said...

I agree. I'm not interested in the health/beauty/fashion either.