A Visit With Brent & Josh In Sharon Springs

Last weekend I got the chance to catch up with my friends Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell in Sharon Springs, New York. I visited them at their home - the beautiful Beekman Farm near Cobleskill. The "boys" always have something on the go and they were both especially excited about the new location of their store, The Beekman Merchantile, which opens on Main Street Sharon Springs this weekend. It's a beautiful old building that they have refurbished and renovated. They will now have lots of space to display and sell their many products. One nice feature of the new location is an ice-cream parlour where they will be selling exotic flavors of their new Beekman Ice Cream this summer! Josh also showed me some of the prototypes for some of the new products they're developing. Very exciting!
Even though the day was extremely cold, it was still a fresh, spring day. The fruit trees were blooming and the gardens were turning green with new life. The goats are always happy to see smiling faces and all the newborn kids were keeping warm in the barn. Sharon Springs is such a special place and Brent's gentle prodding for me to move there becomes a little less necessary with each new visit. The town has cast its spell on me! Below are some photographs from my visit to their home, with special attention paid to some of the smaller details in its storied rooms.


Rowaida said...

Hi Andrew, I am sure it was an amazing weekend. Your photos are beautiful, gorgeous place, I would love to visit.
Did you had a chance to visit Martha while in New York?
Have a wonderful weekend

Regine said...

Wonderful photographs, I met Josh/Brent at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta and they were just wonderful to chat with. Thanks for this up close view of a Beekman Spring!(love those yellow ducks)
As always, I enjoy your blog very much.

Anonymous said...

Love these photos and dandelions do have a purpose.