Silk-Tie Decorating Technique for Easter Eggs

A friend at work told me about a wonderful egg-decorating technique I had not heard of before. Using 100% silk ties (or boxers!) you can transfer the pretty patterns onto the egg shells, making for a very intricate design. This technique was demonstrated on The Martha Stewart Show several years ago - an episode I clearly missed. I love how they look, and I also love how relatively simple they are to create. Here is a very thorough tutorial about how to make them: click here.


Rowaidaa said...

Greetings from Tokyo Japan Andrew, I love this technique and remember watching it on Martha show, and tried it the result was incredible.
Loving loving Japan Andrew, gorgeous country and the people are amazing. Cherry Blossom season is stunning, our timing in coming on the 21 was perfect will be back 1sr of April. I can't wait to tell you all about my trip.


I have always wanted to visit Japan, Rowaida! I can't wait to see your photos!