Easter Decals by Patricia Mumau

The eggs featured on the cover of the April issue of Martha Stewart Living look as if they have been painstakingly handpainted, but a closer look at the article "A Rhapsody in Red" on page 136 of the magazine reveals a pleasant little shortcut. The designs on the eggs are actually DIY decals that you can download and print onto decal paper and then apply to your eggs. The designs were conceived by calligraphy artist and letterpress designer Patricia Mumau, who is based in western New York. She has been featured several times in Martha Stewart Weddings and this is her first commission for Martha Stewart Living. Visit her Etsy shop to see more of Patricia's work. Download the designs and get the instructions for the project by clicking here.

Above is a closer look at the actual decal designs. Click here to download the PDF designs. Print them on decal paper (InkJet Waterslide Decal Paper in clear is $17 for a pack of 20 sheets, decalpaper.com.) Spray the paper with two coats of varnish and let dry. Cut out the individual shapes, staying as close to the outer lines as possible. Use small, fine task scissors for this. Soak the cutout designs in a bowl of water for about a minute. Remove each decal from the water slowly and carefully remove the decal from its backing paper, sliding onto the egg as you go. Smooth it to the eggshell gently with your fingertips. Gently press a piece of paper towel against the icon to remove any excess water. Let dry, then repeat with other decals. Let the completed eggs dry overnight and then spray with a final coat of varnish.

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Rowaidaa said...

Beautiful patterns, love Martha's digital living issue which shows the process to do these eggs