Living the Good Long Life

Martha Stewart's next book, Living The Good Long Life, is due out on May 7th and it's one that I'm really looking forward to. We all know how gracefully Martha is aging. At the age of 71 she is still extremely active, at work and at home, constantly learning, exploring and looking after herself by eating well, exercising and taking time to enjoy her family and friends. She doesn't look a day over 50! The book touts itself as a guide to caring for yourself and others with practical information for those caring for aging relatives or looking after themselves. This is a subject that is very dear to Martha. The creation of the Martha Stewart Center for Living - a geriatric community center at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan that encourages active living for the elderly - is just one of several contributions Martha has made to the cause of healthy aging. (Dr. Audrey Chun, the director of the Center for Living, writes the foreword.) This book will be a treasure to those of us who are approaching that period in our lives when caregiving will become increasingly important with aging parents and relatives who will need our support. We, in turn, as caregivers must have good tools and resources to draw upon in order to maintain our own strength, health and peace of mind. I can't wait for this book! You can pre-order it here.


Rowaidaa said...

Hi Andrew, I can't wait until it comes out. Enjoying her new book meatless delcious recipes love it.

Anonymous said...

honestly, they should send you a free copy. all that you do -- the mslo people should send you a free autographed copy --- what number do i dial for the radio show???


They used to send me free books all the time. But they stopped doing that in 2011. Oh well! I'm not sure the phone number for the radio is up yet. Keep an eye out for it on the Sirius website.