Prestige Signature In Quebec City

On my recent trip to the east coast of Canada, one of my favourite stops was Quebec City, which is among the oldest cities in North America. I will have more about the city itself in a future post, but I wanted to blog about an excellent shop I visited in "Vieux Qu├ębec" (Old Quebec) on the town's historic Rue Sainte-Anne. The shop is called Prestige Signature and it specializes in lighting, hand-painted ceramics, rugs, jewelry and decorative objects from the Middle East, particularly Turkey. Founded over 20 years ago by David Shakibaian, the design firm imports only the best, hand-crafted goods. Touring the shop was very exciting, since there was beauty to be found at every turn. The sales clerk was gracious enough to let me take photographs for the blog, which you will see below. I wanted so many of the beautiful things in this store, but it was the lighting that particularly caught my eye. Although definitely traditional in style, I felt it was fresh and lively and I could not stop admiring all of the handcrafted details in each piece. I can certainly imagine many of these chandeliers and colourful suspension lamps in modern settings. I hope you enjoy the eye candy!


Rowaida said...

Beautiful shop, love the chandeliers and lamps. I visited their website and found it very interesting, beautiful products.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful shoppe! I loved it as well. The lights in the window drew me in. Did purchase a few trinkets. Lovely!