Holiday Craft Preview

With Martha's Halloween and fall craft items already hitting the shelves at Michael's and other craft retailers around North America, it's easy to get those anxious palpitations of excitement thinking about the holiday craft items to follow. Well, thanks to CraftCritique.com, we can get a bit of a sneak-peek at the line. The online craft zine was invited to a recent fair hosted by EK Success (the brand that manufactures Martha's craft lines) and there was little dispute over which booth was most popular! Below are photos of some of the new holiday craft line. There are plenty of new punches (including some very large, heavy-duty ones!) more beautiful boxes for cookie and baking gifts, Christmas stationery and a new scoring board, which comes with a bone folder. To see more of the line, click here.

The scoring board also comes with an envelope-making template, which is very handy.


Sarah in Tacoma said...

I really like when you post this type of info or when there used to be posts about people 'spotting' things at Macy's when the holidays rolled around.

Keep it up!


Thanks, Sarah! Yes, people all over the place love sending me clues!

Gabriela said...

Hello Andrew,

Thanks so much for the reminder.
I love her craft punches and definitely will be checking her new ones!

~ Gabriela ~

Craftiness NOW said...

martha has such wonderful craft supplies always, can't wait for the fall holidays, thanks for the early notice!