Martha Stewart Living Paint at Home Depot

Many of you have written to me asking about Martha's paint lines. Some have noticed that the paint is no longer being sold at Lowe's. And with the Kmart deal closing out next year, it's unlikely you'll find any of the Martha Stewart Colors at that retailer anytime soon.

Today, however, MSLO and Home Depot announced a partnership to develop a new brand of paint: the Martha Stewart Living Paint Collection. I'm not sure if this will replace the "Colors" brand, but the collection will debut next March in both U.S. and Canadian Home Depot stores. The palette will consist of 280 colours, handpicked by Martha Stewart and the MSLO design team. All colours will be available in both interior and exterior versions, in two interior and four exterior sheens. In addition, the interior line will be available in 8-ounce tint-able testers, and 12 of "Martha's Picks" will be available pre-tinted.

The paint was developed in partnership with (and manufactured by) AkzoNobel.

I'll have more on this paint in the near future, including an image of the label and some colour samples!


Sarah said...

Thanks for posting about this. I too had noticed that the Martha paint was no longer at Lowe's. I think I have an old brochure though!

Good to know there are other Martha product watchers out there. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, the paint at K-Mart had been discontinued/not replenished for quite some time. When the Lowe's deal was in place, there was no need for 2 paint lines.

It makes sense to have as many MS brands under one roof as possible (at Home Depot). But, I'm baffled as to the jumping around of partners. I know that the Lowe's paint deal did not generate any income. Hopefully, the Home Depot product will.

bill said...

well I made a Lowe's paint purchase, so they got $17.00 from me--or $27.00. Lowes told me they could still mix the colors for me, but they did not sell under the MS name--just like Paints of Europe can (Martha's first paint collection)
I can't wait for the new colors. More color chips to collect!!!

Anonymous said...

I have an old Kmart color swatch card of the many many colors of MS paints.
Most of the paint stores have those names in their database even though they don't sell them officially.
When I wanted a particular pink paint which I had purchased over 10 years ago from Kmart, I asked and Lowe's found the paint color in their formula database. Home Depot and Miller paints also had the names and formulas in what which must be one gigantic paint-color-database-in-the-sky!
I loved her huge selection paints which were at Kmart....arden in Portland, OR

Laurie said...

Please please hurry! I have to paint my house in the Poconos soon
and I'm looking for a beautiful vintage/designer color combo to use! I know I can count on MS for