New friends, New memories

What can be said about a trip populated by such incredible people (new friends!) and such exciting new adventures? Frankly, there is too much to say. At the end of the week, however, when I will have more time to process and discuss my trip to Sharon Springs, New York, (and edit my plethora of photographs) I will give all the insight and recollection that such a special trip deserves. I will share photos and recount some of the amazing memories I now have blossoming in my mind in such a comforting way. I will also discuss some of the incredible history of this wonderful town, which has seen the ebb and flow of prosperity over its two-century existence, with the pattern of time and change still very much etched on its facade - with some very promising hints of a new revival period! Sharon Springs is a survival town.

I will divide my tales into three parts: The American Hotel, The Beekman and a little history of Sharon Springs, with personal observations.

Though a little grainy, I love this photo of Josh with the Beekman homemade cider and cheese - and homemade crackers, too, thank you very much! The fire was roaring as the snow fell furiously outside. A marvelous afternoon.

I want to say quickly here how deeply I appreciate the hospitality and generosity of Josh Kilmer-Purcell, who was a gracious host to my mother and I on Saturday's wintry afternoon and evening. While I sadly missed meeting Brent on this trip, I was so very glad to share a glass of homemade cider and several slices of Beekman Blaak cheese with Josh at his kitchen table. The stories flowed freely! The laughter was plenty! It's truly wonderful to call him a friend. Josh, you are a true delight. I look so forward to meeting Brent next time. (My mother and I were so delighted to know that there very likely will be a next time, since it's our every intention of making Sharon Springs a destination again.)

Garth and Douglas at The American, too, cast their warm spell on us and charmed us every moment with their open arms, hilarious tales and jubilant personalities - not to mention their incredible inn, which is a perfectly-feathered nest, an homage to comfort at its finest.

What a town. What amazing people. What memories. Stay tuned.


joshkp said...

hi andrew! it was so great to finally meet you in person and celebrate the first snow of the season. and your mother is such a joy and so interesting to talk with. we can't wait for your return...hopefully in the spring!

Ailsa said...

I can only assume that there are SO many pictures that you need many, many hours to get through them all and post them to show us! In the meantime, you've certainly enticed me to visit. Is Sharon Springs near Hudson, NY?