Martha's Christmas Cards

Martha Stewart's new lines of Holiday cards and invitations are now available through Crane & Company and at select retailers around the United States. They are sold in small sets and in box sets of ten, which retail for $20. Orders placed online will ship by the end of the month. I've highlighed some of the more lovely designs below. The clean, modern lines of this snowflake card are timeless, whimsical and elegant, especially with its icy silver tone.
Envelopes lined in gold-toned paper reveal more traditional cards (above and below) that hark back to the days of Turkey Hill. Martha used one of her perfectly-trimmed Christmas trees as the inspiration for the card below. The wreath image, above, is beautiful with its embossed design. This gorgeous invitation in a festive crimson is classic with its calligraphy flourishes paired with the formality of the traditional font.

This one is my all-time favourite. Calligraphy flourishes are taken to new heights in the shape of a Christmas tree. I love the different fonts and the joyful green.


Sarah said...

I still have a few boxes of Martha Christmas cards from the one season they were sold at KMart!

Kevin said...

Andrew, I agree, the calligraphy-inspired green card is stunning!


wewake Mahodaya said...

I really liked the turtle tent. Would like to try to make. It will be helpful if you Can you send some link or something so I'll have a reference point.