Everyday Obsession Continues

My love affair with the new and improved Everyday Food magazine continues. It's strange how these subtle design improvements have deepened my appreciation for this little digest magazine, which is packed with big-magazine goodness!

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't terribly impressed with Everyday Food when it first came out, although I still have the first five issues safely tucked away for posterity. It wasn't the recipes, which I find to be among the simplest and tastiest on the newsstand market and which I often make, it was the presentation, perhaps. I've never been attracted to small publications. They tend to remind me of my grandmother's crossword-puzzle books or those little advertising flyers one gets in the mailbox, stuffing up the little space with what amounts to a waste of paper - and cheap paper at that.

Everyday Food, though, has continued to blossom and grow, especially under the new editor, Anna Last and art director Alberto Capolino. The pages are bursting now with mouthwatering photographs, which gives me the impression that the recipes taste better than ever, giving me more incentive to try them, which I'm sure is the point. Anyway, I'm a digest convert!

The October issue arrived at my door recently and it's a feast of comfort foods, served hot and cold (mostly hot) with all kinds of tasty treats to welcome the cooler weather. Have a look!
The cover says it all: Comfort Food! Everything from mac & cheese to meatloaf, grilled cheese, soups and stews, cookies and pies. Let's be honest: it's a match made in heaven. Explore fun ways to combine these deadly delights!
Blood-red punch and sinful bacon-wrapped bites will give grown-up guests a reason to celebrate Halloween.

Mushrooms: they're in season and they're so delicious in soups and pastas, sprinkled on salads or grilled with steak.
Utterly creamy, utterly fattening, it's mac & cheese and beyond!


Kenn said...

I have to agree with you, Andrew. It took a while for EDF to grow on me.. but now, I look forward to each issue. I love the recent changes to this digest sized pal. I have to laugh.. in the "museum" I found a pristine copy of issue one, still in the wrapper! The things I save...


As I'm sure you know, Kenn, that first issue is now worth a pretty little penny - especially in the wrapper! The things you $$$ave!