Cookie & Cupcake Companions

After I discovered that Martha Stewart would be releasing a companion book to her much-loved and best-selling "Cookies" book called "Cupcakes," I decided to embark on a little literary journey through Bookland to see if perhaps there were other cupcake and cookie companion books by the same author. There was nothing that really satisfied my hunt until I discovered these delightful books by Christabel Martin, simply and aptly titled "Cookies" and "Cupcakes." To me, they represent fancier, loftier versions of Martha's down-to-earth books of the same names. There is something strikingly French about these books and they are beautifully designed to be as attractive as possible. The best things about them, however, is that they are more than affordable (only $8.99 each at Barnes & Noble, which is a steal for a brand new hardcover book!) and that the recipes are easy, unique and delicious! I'm dying to try the baklava cupcakes and the mango cakes with lime syrup. Or maybe the chocolate coated quince cookies or the sinister looking chocolate shortbread... Anyhow, I wholeheartedly recommend these books to you!

The covers are linen-covered hard-back with beautiful photography by Brett Stevens.
The photographs are artful and beautiful, enticing the reader to reach in and have a sample.
The books were designed by Reuban Crossman and Melanie Ngapo. Intermingled with the recipes and food photography are beautiful 'lifestyle moments' like the one above that set the context and give the reader a thoughtful pause.
The Cupcakes book is divided into three distinct categories: Family Favorites, Sweet Afternoons and Dressed to Impress, which contains the most elaborate and fanciful concoctions!Pistachio and cardamom cupcakes, overseen by a porcelaine onlooker.

Another lovely lifestyle moment in the Cupcakes book.


Pru said...

So does that mean that we will be seeing some of your creations soon? I am sure I remember you promising to cook from the Martha Cupcake book for staff at work. Will we soon see photos?



Oh, Pru. Trust YOU to hold me to my promises! :-) When I have some downtime, I will attempt a cupcake creation - photos and all! Promise.