Brown and White Rooms

Style and decorating gurus have determined that brown and white is one colour scheme that will dominate interiors this spring. While I'm not a general supporter of 'trends' in design, I have to applaud this particular decision by the powers that be. The casual grace of this monocrhomatic combination speaks to an easy, beachside elegance yet is solid enough to resonate timelessness - even in zones far from any beach.

Some elements of the look:
  • Create a base of white and add brown accents to punctuate the space. White should be used in the paint and the fabric, with particular attention paid to texture.
  • Warm, weathered and burled woods and stains are essential to the look. These could be used in architectural elements like window trim and flooring or in the furniture.

  • Caning, bamboo and grasses are wonderful accents for this look: sisal rugs, wicker chairs and bamboo furniture will lend an air of natural comfort to a brown-and-white space.

  • Natural fabrics like linen, cotton and canvas in neutral colours will bring additional texture to the room.

  • For decorative accents, consider botanical and marine collections, from white coral, pale shells and eggs to horn, tortoiseshell and bird imagery. Old books and sepia-toned photography will pair rusticity with the coolness of the white.
  • Consider cut branches and white blossoms in white vessels for arrangements.
  • Avoid colourful accents for this look. A touch of silver or gold will lend some shimmer, as will clear crystal and glass.
Some of the elements of brown and white decor, above.
A beautiful, traditional kitchen is inviting yet composed with its limited palette.
A more modern take on the brown and white scheme, above and below. Wood is used extensively on the surfaces of this large kitchen. In this instance the white acts as a frame. A classic brown and white room with all the elements combined.
Large brass vases on the mantel give the room some needed shimmer. Varying tones of brown and white work harmoniously to create a calming sense of welcome and ease.


Capcom said...

I agree, shades of brown with white or cream can be very soothing. And using browns usually means including lots of warm colored wood in the mix too, which is never a bad thing. :-)

Ianny said...

I immediately picture nature - a secondary decor theme to the brown and white concept if you will.

Improvise ropes or flax sacks for decorative accessories. Throw in a couple of huge photographic prints of birds or wildlife for good measure.