"Martha's Flowers" 2022 Wall Calendar

I've always been something of a calendar buff. I love a bright, engaging wall calendar to hang in my kitchen each year: they keep me organized at a glance and the monthly change of imagery is always refreshing. I tend to go for art calendars most often; ones that feature the work of a particular artist or a collection of works that fall under a specific theme - Japanese woodblock prints, for instance. If the calendar doesn't feature artwork, then it's definitely something garden related. Currently, I've got Martha's 2021 "Flowers" calendar up, published by Andrews McMeel. It will be replaced in January with the follow-up, "Martha's Flowers" 2022 Wall Calendar which came out yesterday. You can find out details about it below.

The calendar arrived today, much to my delight. It measures 12" by 12" when closed and 12" by 24" when open, featuring 13 full-colour photographs from the "Martha's Flowers" book, which was published in 2018, many of them unused outtakes that have not been published before.
The calendar opens with the last quarter of 2021, so you can get a head start in putting it up on your wall. 
The photographs are beautiful, printed on semi-gloss paper that was sourced responsibly. The calendar is marked with a seal of approval from the Forest Stewardship Council of America, meaning the paper was ethically and responsibly harvested. Similarly, all the printing was done with non-chemical soy ink. The dates for the previous and following months are also presented in the upper righthand corner for easy reference, negating the need to flip back and forth from page to page - very handy. 
What I love most about this calendar, aside from the glorious photography and fine paper, is the format of the grid and the thoroughness of the prelisted dates. There is plenty of room to write any personal text or memo, and many of the highlighted dates are international, which is helpful when you have friends and family living in various countries, as I do. Lunar cycles are also listed. At the bottom of each page there is information about the flower featured in the photograph - very helpful to novice gardeners.

The calendar is available to order online now and will soon be available in stores where calendars are sold. I highly recommend it. Two more Martha Stewart calendars (a ring-bound planner and a desk calendar) are slated to be released later this year, based on her "Organizing" and "Martha Manual" books.

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