Martha's 2021 Calendars

What better way to say GOODBYE to 2020 and hello to new prospects ahead than with a brand new calendar? Fortunately, Martha has provided shoppers with three different options for 2021, each one based on one of her bestselling books. There is a traditional wall calendar, a desk calendar and a journal-size planner. The publisher of the calendars is Andrews McMeel, a US firm founded in 1975. Below is a brief description of each calendar. Hopefully one (or all three!) will be right for you!

The wall calendar is my personal favourite and is the one that will grace one of my kitchen walls beginning New Year's Day. It is based on Martha's popular book, Martha's Flowers, and features photographs from that publication. I can tell you that it is a beautifully produced calendar, quite large, and printed on sturdy, semi-gloss paper. The photographs look wonderful! 

Here is a depiction of the photographs included, month to month. 

The calendar itself is designed with an international buyer in mind, which is very useful and inclusive. Holidays celebrated in many countries and by many different religions are included. There is also an informative description of the flower types shown in the photograph at the bottom of each page. 

This desk calendar is based on Martha's bestselling book The Martha Manual and is one I'm thinking about getting for my office. Each day of the year is presented with a list of how-to tips based on a various subject.

It sits very nicely on the desk in its sturdy holder. The pages can be torn out and saved or recycled.

This monthly/weekly planner is based on Martha's book Organizing, which was published earlier this year. It it ring-bound and is quite large in size, measuring 7 inches across when closed and 14 inches across when open. It has reinforced monthly tabs, weekly and monthly planning pages, a large section for notes and reference, and two convenient pockets, at the front and back. 

As with the Flowers calendar, international celebrations and holidays are listed. At the tops of each page are helpful organizing tips. 

These would make great Christmas gifts, or a way for you to get yourself ready for the new year ahead! You can find them at most large bookstores, Staples, Costco and online.


Anonymous said...

AR the card, greeting card in the last image, the one slipped into the pocket of the calendar well it looks like it was from the Rifle Paper Co product line. Rifle Paper co is a "small" "local business" if you live in Orlando metro area but they have an impressive internet presence. I Have mixed emotions about this brand for personal reasons which I will not go into at this time-- however-- the creativity generated by Ms Bond is worth a look-see--- you may want to visit their web page first to see I can spot talent and give credit where world domination in the lifestyle brand category is due LOL they have Anthropologie to thank for their first Major account hehehe


I used to work at Anthropologie so I am well aware of Rifle Paper Co. Very nice prints! I always used to get their wrapping paper.