Martha Moments Readers Share Their Thanksgiving Photos

This is becoming something of a tradition at Martha Moments; every year I love to share the Thanksgiving photos submitted by members of the Martha Moments Facebook Group. Martha's influence is always so evident. And, more often than not, Martha's recipes and ideas are used to make these celebrations extra special. This year, because of the pandemic, there were a lot of "Thanksgiving-for-two" submissions. While gathering family and friends is one of the best parts of Thanksgiving, I think there's something to be said for a more intimate setting; it begets a more reflective and thoughtful mood and allows for genuine connections with the people closest to us. Please enjoy these photos! I've divided them into three sections: Table Settings, Turkeys and Treats. I think you'll agree that Martha fans are pretty fabulous - but we already knew that!


Lisa Novakoski-Howard set a simple, modern table for two at her home in Washington DC. 

David Pantoja and his husband in Philadelphia enjoyed dinner for two as well. David used his Martha by Mail fine bone china, mixed with Spode. The place card is one of David's beautifully-decorated cookies.

It was dinner for two for Anthony Picozzi in Massachusetts, as well. He set a festive corner at his large dining table.

Bernie Wong and Dennis Landon in Wisconsin used plenty of their Martha by Mail items for their table, including a Jadeite cake stand, a damask table cloth and runner, candlesticks and dinnerware. They also included Martha's new ruffled cake stand, seen in the background, which is available at QVC. Dennis decided to use his Martha by Mail pumpkin molds to make pumpkin-shape loaves this year: they turned out beautifully! 

Christine set a colourful and festive-looking table.

Betsy Saxe-Verrico also set a vibrant and colourful table that looks extremely welcoming. 

Sharron Van Hooser Thompson let a colour palette of browns and rust tones guide her table setting this year.

Marie Cosgrove began her dinner with individual charcuterie boards - a very nice idea! Her centerpiece is made from foraged grasses and greens. 

Tim Obert and his partner Matt Obey set a table for seven, even though only the two of them were dining in person; they later did a Zoom call with family at the dining room table to make them feel included. Tim used his Spode Tradewinds pattern dinnerware for the occasion - a lovely shade of blue with a ship motif. 

Hayden Regina set a very nice table for his "quarantine crew" in Chicago.

It was an elegant table for two at the home of David Zisa.

Trellis Smith and his partner also enjoyed a quiet but tasteful setting for two.

Paul Collins and his husband in Virginia made a delicious-looking dinner at their table for two.


Meredith Ferris's turkey looked beautiful even before it went into the oven!

And here is the finished bird: looks perfect!

Todd Hall's turkey looks so scrumptious and festive on this Martha Stewart platter, decorated with kale, lemons and pomegranates.

John Roberts did a beautiful job with his bird: crispy skin, and tender and juicy on the inside.


Brian Utz made Martha's cranberry tart from the November 2020 issue of Martha Stewart Living.

Lauren Walcott also made the cranberry tart but decorated it with sugared cranberries.

Lauren also made Martha's Brown-Butter Pecan Pie from the same November issue.

Steven Bednasz also made one of Martha's pecan-pie recipes.

Todd Hall made Martha's double-crust apple pie from her Entertaining book! 

Ken Puttbach made Martha's Pumpkin-Chocolate Tart from the November, 2003, issue of Martha Stewart Living. (Looks delicious!)

Julio Torrado made Martha's Pumpkin-Spice Snacking Cake from her latest book, Cake Perfection.

And while this dish is savory, it is a treat nonetheless! Maria Newcomer made the beautiful Garlic-Herb Dinner Roll Wreath from the December issue of Martha Stewart Living. It looks spectacular AND delicious! 

I hope you've enjoyed this gallery! I wasn't able to include every single photo that was submitted (there were so many) but I think these photos demonstrate a real commitment to the art of celebration and cookery - two art forms that Martha encourages us all to learn. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


Unknown said...

Absolutely love the post! Happy Thanksgiving everyone & stay well!

Good Things by David said...

In a year of so much sadness and bad news, it's uplifting to see everyone's creativity, special touches, fantastic cooking and baking. One thing is certain: Martha has taught us all well.


Anonymous said...

Stuffing in the bird, is this not THE Way, man oh man I grew up with stuffing in the bird but heavans to Betsy The turkeys I roasted ( so few) did not get stuffed- I listened to the anti turkey stuffers why did I do that ?? One day I will stuff the bird, wait I would be the only one eating the stuffing as I do enjoy a roasted turkey however, the left overs seem to to be endless. yes are there "little" turkeys I guess I could stuff a chicken and season it as if it were a turkey Such Indecision One needs to be firm with resolve and JUST DO IT to quote an advertising campaign.


Anonymous, our family is not a bird-stuffing family either. My grandmother always made what she called "dressing" (she was from England) and had an unusual but attractive way of cooking it. She would do it in the oven in a roasting dish but would then hollow out a large loaf of homemade bread and stuff that with the dressing instead! Then she'd return it to the oven to toast the bread just a bit more. Each diner then receives the dressing and a very nice piece of warm baked bread right along with it. So ingenious, those Brits!