The June Issue

Although summer has not yet officially arrived, the June issue of Martha Stewart Living is always a good pre-launch read. I've said before on the blog that summer issues of magazines are not generally favourites of mine. In Canada summer is basically just a sneeze in a long, long winter cold (to borrow a Joni Mitchell line) so there's such an urgency to get outside and experience it rather than read about it. Still, Martha's summer issues are always good guides to making those long, languorous days a little more inspired. The June issue - which is the annual food issue - has an excellent flow to it that keeps the reader engaged.
It's been interesting to witness how the editors of the magazine have re-imagined the content to suit a quarantine situation these last couple of months. Traditionally, the June, July and August issues of the magazine have heralded outdoor entertaining and summer gatherings with friends and family. The editors have not descaled their presentation of food and drink but have certainly been responsible about presenting socially-distanced scenarios or suggesting the reader file away their ideas "for future gatherings."
There is some excellent photography in this issue, particularly in the well of the magazine, which has a generous wealth of visual delights. An article called "Crystal Clear" by writer Kevin West with photographs by Chris Simpson is a chronicle of a charmed third act for an older, creative couple who began a new business on the Caribbean island of Bequia. The photos just immerse the reader in everything summer; you can almost feel the warm sun, smell the salty sea air and taste the tropical fruit.
Another favourite is the article "Kentucky Classic" by writer Monica Michael Willis with photographs by Ngoc Minh Ngo: a historic house, long abandoned, is restored by a landscape designer who had long admired the property. The results of his efforts as a gardener are beautifully chronicled here.

There are other great things to admire about the issue, too. The requisite June article on grilling was lost on this apartment dweller (who has actually never been attracted to the art of grilling) but many will enjoy the plethora of delicious-looking offerings. There is a delicious cake recipe to try. I tried it and it's been added to my list of 'Best Cakes' which I keep on file on this clunky old PC. There are some fun Father's Day crafts and Martha serves up some fun cocktails to try this summer. It was a pleasure to read this issue.
Subscribers will enjoy an alternate cover featuring Martha wearing a dress by Nili Lotan.


Favourite Good Thing: Fun Father's Day shirt cards, page 25

Favourite Recipe: Lemon Cake with Raspberry Cream-Cheese Frosting, page 64

Favourite Find: Christophe Pourny's Studio Store, particularly the hats, page 46.

Favourite Feature: "Crystal Clear" by Kevin West


Anonymous said...

Just because you live in an apartment, Andrew, come --there are no doubt PLENTY of parks with picnic tables and a grill nearby. You need to experience the frustration I mean fun of waiting for the coals to be ashen or what ever it is and cook burgers brats steak over an open fire. A rented cabin in the woods with a fire pit come on. When I dragged I mean planned a tent camping vacay-tion with my pre-teen children I intended to give er have them re-live my youth . Granted I did the cooking I grilled or was it saute the fresh asparagus served macaroni and cheese with spam made french toast outside I pulled all the stops or at least I tried. I remember one MSL issue where she visited some island off the coast of west coast Florida and the private homes had a " Pink Promenade " on the island man oh man the people and places she visited.... I did try to find state parks along the east coast, Georgia, south Carolina and Fla


Haha! I honestly don't have the patience for it. I love to eat grilled foods, however! A hamburger on the grill: yes please! Just don't ask me to stand there flipping them. :-)