Lemon Snack Cake with Raspberry Cream-Cheese Frosting

Snacking cakes were a staple at both my grandparents' homes when I was growing up. My paternal and maternal grandmothers both enjoyed making small cakes for 'anytime' and there would always be a glass cake dome on the kitchen counter with a confection of some sort when my brother and I would visit. Cut into small squares and served with a glass of milk, they were always welcome treats.

In the June issue of Martha Stewart Living, my memory of these cakes was triggered by the recipe by Greg Lofts on page 64 of the magazine: a lemon cake with raspberry cream-cheese frosting. It was not a matter of if I would make it, but rather when! Last weekend I seized the opportunity - and I'm glad I did. It is moist, fluffy and delicious with a lemony tang. Paired with the richness of cream-cheese frosting, spiked with the light flavour of freeze-dried raspberries, it's the perfect cake to enjoy with a cup of tea or just on its own. Click here for the recipe.
I made my cake in an 8-inch square pan since I wanted to cut it into small squares, but the recipe calls for a 9-inch round cake pan. Finding the freeze-dried raspberries was a slight challenge since my usual grocery store did not carry them. I visited my local health food store and found them there. They are an important ingredient because they tint the frosting a light pink (I avoid food colouring as much as possible) and add a subtle berry flavour that balances the lemon taste of the cake nicely.
I encourage you to try this recipe if you haven't yet. It's simple to make and so very easy to enjoy!

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erindreg said...

I made a Martha recipe over the 4th called Fourth of July Rice Crispy Treats, which called for freeze dried raspberries and blueberries. Found them at Target, Good and Plenty brand (which I think is their store brand). They had several different fruits available and reasonably priced.