The Martha Manual: How to do (Almost) Everything

You may as well start the New Year on the right foot by re-familiarizing yourself with a roster of how-tos. Martha's new book, The Martha Manual: How to do (Almost) Everything, is a good place to start. The book was published today and is available for order. It is hardcover and 400 pages in length: a hefty but not oversized manual chock full of ingenious information.
This book is similar in style to the Homekeeping Handbook but is not quite as encyclopedic or as detailed in scope. The book expands its lesson plans, however, to include subjects such as how to build a campfire and how to pack for a picnic, how to bathe a cat, fold a flag and how to play to certain lawn games, just to name a few of the topics. If you're looking for the more comprehensive of the two books, the Homekeeping Handbook is the one to get but The Martha Manual is an excellent companion and a nice to addition to your homekeeping library. (It also makes the perfect gift for new homeowners or newlyweds).
The book is designed with beautiful colour photography, originally published in Martha Stewart Living magazines. The content includes sections on how to organize, fix and maintain, refresh and embellish, clean and launder, craft and create, garden and grow, host and entertain, enjoy and delight, eat and drink, celebrate and how to care for pets. As you can see, the subjects are quite diverse.
I've just ordered my copy and I hope you'll order yours too!

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