Season 11 of Martha Bakes

The eleventh season of Martha Bakes begins today on PBS! The series was taped at the studio kitchen at Martha Stewart Living headquarters in the historic Starett-Lehigh building in Manhattan. (The kitchen, by the way, can be purchased at The Home Depot). This season Martha will feature a series of guest cooks, chefs and food experts who will share their knowledge about how many of the ingredients we use in baking are produced and then used to their best advantage in the baking process, as Martha describes below.
"For this new season, I’ll talk to experts who grow and produce some of the wonderful ingredients in a baker’s repertoire - fruits, nuts, cocoa, milk and more. I’ll also work with some of my favorite bakers to use these delicious elements to make mouthwatering pies, impressive cakes, and the most delectable cookies. This season is packed with great recipes, ideas and information for bakers of all skill levels - you don’t want to miss any of it!"
Modernist baker, Francisco Migoya, makes an unusual and ingenious pressure-caramelized oat sandwich bread in one episode.
Sara Foster shares her flavourful recipe for using cultured dairy to make this delicious-looking buttermilk cardamom pie.

To learn more about the show and the episodes this season, click here. Be sure to check local listings for air times in your area.

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