Martha Stewart Pets Coming to QVC

On March 15th, Martha will debut a new line of pet products made exclusively for QVC. Martha partnered with design LAB Inc. and Fetch for Pets to create the new pet product line, which is set to include apparel, bedding, restraints, toys and food options. This is the first pet product launch since the dissolution of Martha's pet line for Pet Smart two years ago. The collection will also be made available on Amazon in May. In the fall, the line will grow to include pet dental and pet grooming supplies, including soaps and solutions that are paraben, sulfate and cruelty free.
Martha is also poised to expand her other QVC collections: new offerings from her packaged foods are on the way, including seafood and new holiday fare, as well as an expansion of the garden line with new products for outdoor maintenance and gardening. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

I am hoping shipping to Canada will be available with Amazon. Disappointed with what we get for Martha Stewart products here.

John said...

Why does it seem like every line Martha launches lately ends after a couple of years and then she moves on to a different company?



John, the Pet Smart deal collapsed when MSLO was sold to Sequential. I don't think Martha or Pet Smart had much say in the matter. At least she's reviving it! :-)

She's been with Macy's for over a decade now, as with Home Depot. I think it's just a matter of finding the right fit. And, of course, sales! If it doesn't sell, it doesn't last.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else wish Martha had a collection of high quality furniture like she had in the past?