Martha's New Gourmet Food Items on QVC

Tomorrow, October 18th, Martha will debut her line of prepackaged Gourmet Food items on QVC. This is Martha's third food line: she did a small collection of prepackaged foods for Kirkland Foods at Costco in 2008 (a holiday turkey, a honey-glazed holiday ham, three kinds of soups, short ribs and several baked goods, among other items) and later, in 2013, developed a much more extensive food line called "Pantry" for JC Penney, which included items such as olive oil, baking mixes, spice rubs and various sauces.

Among the QVC offerings will be a Thanksgiving turkey breast (four pounds) complete with two holiday side dishes - perfect for a small Thanksgiving gathering. This will be the 'special value' option on tomorrow's show, which airs at 12 p.m. ET and again at 3 p.m. ET. Below is a list of some of the food items that will be on offer:
This special Thanksgiving dinner includes a ready-to-make meal with a four-pound turkey breast paired with two holiday side dishes. It’s perfect for those smaller intimate gatherings of up to eight people.
The mashed potatoes were based on a recipe by Martha's mom, Big Martha. They are made with Russet potatoes, whole milk, cream cheese, butter and heavy cream. Very rich and delicious!
This cherry stuffing is another big favourite. It is made with chunks of crusty white bread crumbs, blended with butter, chicken broth, freshly chopped onion and celery, lots of herbs, and sweet tart dried cherries.
This macaroni and cheese side dish is made with four different cheeses – sharp white cheddar, gruyere, fontina, and parmigiano, blended with real butter and milk, a hint of onion and cayenne pepper, all mixed with elbow macaroni noodles.
And this classic creamed spinach is something that was often served on Martha's family’s holiday menu growing up. It is made with chopped spinach, butter, whole milk, and sour cream, and topped with a panko bread crumb, butter, and gruyere cheese.
These savory tomato tarts are made with roasted tomatoes, garlic and fontina cheese and garnished with fresh basil.
This brie en croute is made with a puffed pastry, baked until all the cheese is deliciously melting and filled with dried fruits and nuts. Once it is cut open, it’s easy to see all the delicious, warm cheese inside. It comes ready to bake in this flaky puffed-pastry crust.
Three types of chocolates will be offered in festive gift boxes for holiday entertaining or gift giving. The chocolates include sea salt toffee bark, peppermint bark and pecan nut clusters.
Martha will offer more items on October 22nd, including pigs-in-a-blanket (sausage rolls) and cheese sticks.

Schedule of Martha's upcoming QVC appearances:
Sunday, October 22nd at 12pm - Gourmet Food
Monday, October 30th at 5pm and 10pm - Fashion
November 10th at 9pm ET - Skincare


Rowaida said...

Happy Thanksgiving Andrew, everything looks delicious from Martha’s food line. I love the chocolate xx

Jamie said...

Gone. All the core people who made MSL what it was are gone. Gael Towey, Fritz Karsch, Hannah Millman, Eric Pike, Lucinda Scala Quinn. All gone. What used to be a bustling operation with two locations in NYC is now just a shell of what it once was.

Anonymous said...

I am definitely not one for frozen food, but every time Martha comes out with a line of whatever I am always intrigued. I actually really loved her Martha Pantry line at JCP and I was hoping it would come to QVC in some form, but maybe the margins are too low. Anyways, I purchased the turkey with mashed potatoes and stuffing for Thanksgiving and the chocolates for Christmas. I draw the line at pearl lined jeans though.

I feel more Martha fanboy now rather than truly loving the content. I am always nostalgic for things Martha past, like the late 90's magazine, tv show, and Martha by Mail. It's funny, just now I realize it's all about late 90's / early 2000's nostalgia for me in general. Spice Girls. Britney. TRL. Martha. Must See Tv. Times seemed so simple then. And holding that thick Martha Stewart Living magazine with dense content and full of ads was so comforting. It's so thin now.

I do love the Everyday Food daily Youtube videos though. That is on point and it gives a great showcase for the other folks at the company (Sarah Carey, Thomas Joseph,...). I think I am feeling more nostalgic than usual because I just listened to Martha's interview with Katie Couric. So fun. I recommend it:


- Marco


Marco, thanks for the comment. I just listened to it the other day and it was really fun. She's so candid and so at ease with things. She admits she has regrets and failures; she admits she isn't always right; she just seems so much more at ease with the world and doesn't really care what people think of her at this point.