Ellen Morrissey Leaving MSL

I learned on Friday that Ellen Morrissey will be leaving MSL to pursue new career opportunities. Ellen was the editorial director of books and special projects at Martha Stewart, responsible for all those great special issues and books that we so ravenously collect. Ellen joined the company in 2001 as a books editor and oversaw the publication of eleven New York Times bestsellers, including Martha Stewart's Cookies, Martha Stewart's Cupcakes, Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook, Everyday Food: Fresh, Flavor, Fast, Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts and Power Foods. She had previously worked at Gourmet magazine and at Harper Collins Publishers.
Ellen's primary function was to come up with ideas for books and special issues, either spearheading new content development or mining the vast library of previously-published content to collate into a new collection for a new book or special publication. She oversaw the creation of many of Martha's books, from start to finish, from design to publication, and was instrumental in the success of Martha's publishing ventures. I think it must have been such a fun job to be in charge of this department! I know I speak for everyone when I wish her all the best and say that she will certainly be missed! Good luck, Ellen! 


Anonymous said...

Friends at the company tell me there was another round of layoffs....happens every year before the holidays.

Anonymous said...

There have been many discussions re the quality of each of the monthly MSL magazine issues. Some months are good, some just OK and some lacking the previous excelents of the earlier issues. I believe the regular layoffs effect the volume of new/fresh ideas and in turn lead to the uneven nature of the magazine contant.

Rowaida said...

I was very sad to hear the news on Instagram, she dId a great job at MSLO, very creative and inspiring. I wish her all the best of luck and success in a new chapter in her life
Best wishes xx