Martha Stewart's Vegetables Out Today!

Martha's 87th book comes out today and it's a splendid ode to vegetables: selecting them, storing them and cooking them in 150 delightful ways! I've had a few days to spend with the book and I've already learned so much. The book is divided into sections by vegetable types (bulbs, roots, leaves, etc.) and begins with an almost scientific explanation about how these particular groups of vegetables grow and store nutrients, as well as how they are typically used in culinary creations. It's fascinating. Following the introduction is a section on how to select and store these particular kinds of vegetables, which is then followed by a section containing the recipes that use these vegetables to their best advantage.
While many of the recipes are vegetarian and/or vegan, there are plenty of recipes here that use meat and dairy as well, so you're likely to find a recipe that everyone in the family can enjoy. Vegetables is a must-have book, in my opinion.
The photographs by Ngoc Minh Ngo are really beautiful: black backgrounds are employed to really let the colours and shapes of the vegetables shine through.


Anonymous said...

While it is what we have come to expect from Ms Stewart, the photography seems to be even more outstanding then the usual excelent photos of the magazine and her books.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful book. Adding it to my collection.