Martha & Marley Spoon

Martha Stewart recently partnered with Marley Spoon to bring the pre-portioned ingredients of some of your favourite Martha Stewart Living recipes right to your door, complete with all the instructions you need to make your meals! The venture, called Martha & Marley Spoon, was officially launched yesterday.
Once you have subscribed, you can select the recipes you'd like to try at home from a list of six meals that are updated weekly. Martha & Marley Spoon will then send you the pre-measured seasonal ingredients (sourced from local purveyors) to make those recipes. You can select your preferred delivery dates and stop the service during any week that may not work for you.
Your food will arrive in a chilled, fully-recyclable cardboard box with the ingredients for the dishes you are planning to make separated into bags. Meat is kept separate, chilled with ice packs. You will also receive recipe cards with complete preparation guidelines on the back and large colour photographs.
The culinary director of Martha & Marley Spoon is Jennifer Aaronson, who used to work at Martha Stewart Living as a food editor. Click here to learn more about the service and try it for yourself! Marley Spoon ships anywhere in the contiguous United States (not to Alaska, Hawaii or the US territories) and delivery is always free of charge!


Anonymous said...

I always wish Ms Stewart the very best as I believe she tries to offer the very best in product lines,but I believe this one venture might be a hard sell. As I have read the "dinner in a box" field is already crowed and at at about $8-12/person meals will not be in reach of a large mass of the population . Having said this, I am sure the products provided are (as advertised) of the highest quality and accompanied with excelent recipes.


Martha isn't really on the hook for this one since Marley Spoon provides the service, delivery and runs the business side of things, including sourcing the ingredients. Martha simply provides the recipes and the pretty packaging. I think it appeals to a niche market, certainly not the masses.

Anonymous said...

Off topic.....
Ms Stewart's Blog today (21 June) was about a celebration at her NYC headquarters, of her association with Macy's; for which I congratulate her and her corporation. As expected, the food and drink looks delicious, plentiful and beautifully presented. What always surprises me is when the celebration expands to the offices sizable roof deck it seems almost devoid of planting and style. Expecting to see beautiful displays/staging of Ms Stewart's outdoor furniture, surrounded by seasonal plantings....there is very little to none. Maybe I have been just to convinced by MSOL that style and beautiful surroundings are always mandatory.

Anonymous said...

I read the captions and looked at the pictures. A director of food development was pictured. Food development. That's as funny as my town was hiring a Director of Doing.

Rowaida said...

Wow that is amazing love the idea