Darcy Miller: Celebrate Everything!

Martha Stewart Weddings editor Darcy Miller will be releasing her first book this fall! The subject is one she certainly knows very well: planning for and decorating for all kinds of celebrations! The book is appropriately titled "Celebrate Everything" and it will be released at the end of October. Below is a description of the book. You can preorder it now at Amazon.com!

A beautiful, inspirational, and fun-packed resource by the celebrations expert and editor at large ofMartha Stewart Weddings, packed with more than 300 gorgeous color photos, creative party ideas, tips and inspiration, invaluable resource lists, and more.
Bursting with advice, inspiration, ideas, crafty projects, and recipes, Celebrate Everything is the definitive guide to help you throw an unforgettable party every time. Darcy Miller, the founding editor and editor at large of Martha Stewart Weddings—and one of the world’s most influential celebrations experts—provides the ultimate compilation of party ideas and resource lists to help people plan their parties from beginning to end, including chapters on Stationery, D├ęcor, Activities, Food and Drink, Cakes, Sweets, and Favors.
Darcy gives you full party coverage for lively, colorful events—from intimate gatherings for close friends and family to large affairs, featuring real parties such as a rainbow-themed birthday party, an elegant bridal shower, a woodland-themed baby shower, a heartwarming anniversary party—and many more! Darcy offers Instagram and Pinterest-worthy ideas that everyone ages one to one hundred will adore, with tips that will teach you how to personalize your parties and start your own celebration traditions.
Based on Darcy’s more than twenty years of experience, Celebrate Everything includes a wealth of advice, tricks, and suggestions to help you celebrate all occasions, and includes a list of her great finds for party supplies, from the best places to buy stickers and favor boxes to websites that let you shop for supplies by color and theme. Make every festivity special and memorable with Celebrate Everything!


Rowaida said...

Greetings from London Andrew,
Beautiful cover and I am sure amazing content. I preordered it from Amazon uk and I can't wait until it is out.
Best wishes and much love xx

Anonymous said...

Andrew r u still with us? Hello post s o m e t h i n g ok.

Anonymous said...

Just finished reading a post from Cote De Texas. It's all about the couch. A yellow linen couch. A version of this couch sold by Anthroplogie called Ditte now discontinued, horrors! Ms Webb has researched this story as the photo of the Ditte was on the web back in 2008 on another blog called The Shelby. (or something like that) Andrew this couch and the Anthropologie connection is a must read. The subtext is some English designer antique dealer who designed a yellow linen couch too but everyone thinks he is the dude responsible but then another dude is selling a couch without the box of brass tacks oh just read the post you will be glad you did.

Anonymous said...

Off topic.....
Today, 28 July, in Martha's Blog I found a phot that horrified me ( well kind of ). Maybe I was horrified because I am so naive , Ms Stewart
made blueberry muffins , and gave them to someone to take home......not in a cellophane bag tied with twine, not in a basket,
no home made blueberry jam ......but just on a PAPER PLATE!
Wow, if MS can't have a signature style, all hope is lost.

PS miss your posts!

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I just had to read the blog post and the blueberry muffin faux pas. I was comforted by the fact in my mind it appeared to be a rather sturdy paper composition plate advertised for the structural integrity of the product. Incidentally, the image of the women entering their mode of transport was not posted. therefore, a more suitable means of packaging was adopted and not documented for posteriors.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your review/justification for Ms Stewart's choice of packaging ........maybe there is hope for civilization after all!

PS Was there a spell check issue in the last sentence ?