Martha's Jadeite-Green Glass Returns to Macy's

Most fans of Martha Stewart simply cannot resist that glossy green glass known as Jadeite. It was Martha, in fact, who re-introduced the Fireking collectible to American collectors through her magazine and other media channels. (She too is a collector.) Martha offered jadeite-green glass kitchenware items through her now-defunct mail-order catalog, Martha by Mail: items included mixing bowls, canisters, dinnerware sets and cake stands. These are highly collectible today. When Martha launched the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy's in 2006, several jadeite-green products were available...but not for long. Well, new to the product line this season is a jadeite-green glass pedestal cake stand with a glass dome. It is sure to go fast, so if you're a jadeite junkie, as I know many of you are, this really ought to become part of your collection. It is $108 - and it is beautiful! Click here to read more about it.


Anonymous said...

I was watching an old episode of Martha and in the background were her jadeite pieces. I always forget what they are discussing as I'm so fixated on the pieces!

Back to basics, sell what people love the most.

Anonymous said...

I wish Martha would bring back the Jadeite-coloured Kitchen Aid Mixer. Now that would sell like hotcakes.

Also, I hope you've seen this: http://nypost.com/2015/11/04/martha-stewarts-guide-to-everything/ Martha's guide to everything. Great read!

Rowaida said...

I love love this product, I will order them online from London.
Wish you a wonderful weekend Andrew xo

Anonymous said...

I can't resist stating the obvious.......oh how I miss " Martha By Mail". While I can understand the economics of a business like MBM may not work in today's business climate, it is a loss!