New Weddings Special Issue

A new issue of Martha Stewart Real Weddings & Honeymoons is on stands now. This special issue features editorials on several real weddings with behind-the-scenes photographs of the celebrations, from start to finish. You'll also get advice on hair and makeup, choosing the right floral designer and using fresh flowers to decorate your wedding cake. If you haven't decided on a honeymoon spot yet, this issue profiles destinations as diverse as Costa Rica, Ireland, Hawaii, Barbados, England and Brazil. Pick up the issue today!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry...... but off topic.
For what ever reason the NYC PBS station is always late is showing Martha Bakes episodes.
I just watched the first show and, as expected, Ms Stewart is an excellent teacher.
While it may only be my belief the background set is "cold" and unwelcoming. The problem is not the "line" of MS cabinets but the accessories . The set director should review the original MSL shows not to copy, but to emulate the warm look, either by the colors, wood tones or groups of MS many collections.