The Martha Stewart Café Grand Opening!

Yesterday, the Martha Stewart Café officially opened to the public and by all accounts it was a very successful first day! Martha attended the opening and for a while worked behind the counter to meet with customers and help prepare the pastries. You can read all about the opening day at Martha's official blog by clicking here.
 Photo by @julievadnal

I love how the café looks: a very clean design with great branding. The space is just 107 square feet but because of the high ceilings and the natural light, it looks so much larger. The café was designed by architect Walter Chatham. Martha worked with a number of her favourite local suppliers and curated the menu herself. There are treats on hand from some of New York's greatest patisseries: Balthazar Bakery, Baked NYC, Chikalicious and Bien Cuit. Martha called upon her long-time associates at Kobrick Coffee to source her favorite espresso bean as well as her signature “Martha’s Blend” coffee. Her friend Wei Bertram at Arogya Teas became the trusted purveyor of artisanal, loose-leaf teas, which are also on offer. The café is open from Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. It is located on the ground floor of the Starrett-Lehigh building at 601 West 26th Street in New York City. You can bet it will be among my first stops on my next visit to NYC!
 The café sells packaged coffees, as well, to take home and make yourself each morning! Photo by The Martha Blog.
 Martha enjoying the high energy (and the coffee!) on the opening day. Photo by The Martha Blog.
 There are four baristas running the show each day at the café. Martha personally selected everything that is for sale at the café. Photo by The Martha Blog.
The designers did a great job with the packaging and branding.
I am not a big coffee drinker, but I do love my teas! I will be sure to try Martha's Breakfast Blend!
The official website for the café (marthastewartcafe.com) will soon sell many of the products online, including these very special aprons that are worn by the baristas. They were made by Hedley and Bennett of Los Angeles, one of Martha's "American Made" makers. There are three styles: red ties, black ties and white ties.


Anonymous said...

After picking you coffee, the next stop must be The Highline, a short walk from the shop. For anyone who has not seen it , you will be impressed.
As for the store design it is a crisp handsome one . Oddly I expexted her use of Fireking colors and a warmer / home feel to the design........guess that is why I am not in retail!

Rowaida said...

Beautiful and amazing project. I would love to visit the cafe when I go to NY and would love to have tea with Martha and if you were there is would be great Andrew xx
Wish you a wonderful weeked.