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I've had my iPhone 6 for only a few months and my favourite feature, by far, is the camera. I love taking photos with my phone and putting the ones I am especially fond of on Instagram. Among the many people I follow on Instagram (family, friends, colleagues) are a few of my favourite people from Martha Stewart Living. I love getting the occasional behind-the-scenes glimpse, so I thought I'd do a little 'InstaMartha' roundup to highlight my favourite Martha-related Instagram accounts. If you have Instagram, I urge you to follow these inspiring shutterbugs!
The official Martha Stewart Living Instagram account is a must for any reader of the magazine. It features behind-the-scenes images from the halls of MSLO, new products, flower arrangements, and recipes.
This is the official Martha Stewart Weddings Instagram account. Again, anyone who reads and loves Martha Stewart Weddings magazine will love the inside look at the latest in bridal fashions, decor, flowers and venues.
This is Martha Stewart's personal Instagram account and is one of my favourites. Not only does Martha take her followers around her farm, she also takes us to museums, galleries, events and galas around the world, and shares a recipe or two along the way!
This is an account devoted to all the goings-on at the kitchens of Martha Stewart Living. You'll get to see what the food editors are cooking up and nibbling on at work!
Kevin Sharkey, the decorating editor at Martha Stewart Living, has a very beautiful Instagram account with shots of his apartment, Martha's home in Bedford and all the beautiful things he finds on his shopping trips.
Lucinda Scala Quinn, the editorial director for food and entertaining at Martha Stewart Living, has an account that will make your mouth water! She shares her best-loved recipes and meals with us, as well as some great shots of her home, her family and her favourite haunts around New York City.
Jodi Levine, the former kids and crafts editor at Martha Stewart Living, will delight you with her fun and bright projects for kids and adults alike!
The editorial director of Martha Stewart Weddings, Darcy Miller, shares her beautiful ideas for parties and weddings, as well as her adorable drawings and craft projects.
Gael Towey, the former design/creative director at Martha Stewart Living, is a constant source of inspiration. On her Instagram account she shares photos of her home, her travels, her artistic inspirations and her family.
Food editor Sarah Carey shares what she's cooking up at home and at work, as well as personal photographs of her travels.
Tracy Chou, who works at Martha Stewart Living, runs The Crafts Dept. Instagram account, revealing photos of all the latest craft projects the team at MSLO is working, as well as new products!
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Martha Stewart Café at the Starrett Lehigh building in Manhattan to see what special pastries are on offer each day! Learn about their coffees, teas and meet some of the baristas.
Kristin St. Clair is a prop stylist and craft editor for Martha Stewart Television. See all her behind-the-scenes adventures on TV sets with Martha on her account, as well as her own personal projects.


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Today, The 27th, Martha's Blog is the perfect mix of information and beauty. Any fan should take a look At!

Rowaida said...

Beautiful, amazing and inspiring people

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Thanks, Andrew! Just the inspiration I was looking for!

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Have you seen this new one? @theruleofthrees
Three familiar voices from the Martha radio shows.