What Martha Wants in a Good Kitchen

Martha was in Vancouver, Canada, recently to attend the annual TED conference, which you can read about here. During her visit, she took some time out to speak with CTV's Karl Lohnes about what she looks for in a good kitchen: functionality and neatness are key, not surpringly! They were speaking from the kitchen department at The Home Depot where Martha revealed a new line of cabinets that will be available this fall. Click here to see the interview.


Rowaida said...

I love Martha Stewart kitchen line. So neat, so organized so inspirational. Beautiful tv segment love it.

Judy said...

Love the look of the new cupboards. They looked like real wood on TV.

Kirk said...

This is great to know. It seems like Home Depot, like Macy's, has really been cutting back the Martha line so it's very encouraging that they are expanding the line. We need more MSL products.